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Fully Escorted
13 Day Persian Explorer:

Dating more than 2500 years, Persia and Iran's history from the time of Cyrus the Great to the present day is both interesting and colourful. We will be visiting Esfahan which is described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and will visit Julfa, a vibrant Christian-Armenian community.

The ruins of Persepolis burned down by Alexander the Great in the year 330 BC during a drunken feast still offers the visitor an amazing insight into what was once one of the greatest cities on the world. We will also observe Iran's amazing qanat irrigation system whereby water is diverted underground for up to 60kms to facilitate agriculture.

From barren deserts in the south we will cross the entire country and will spend time on the lush Iranian Caspian coast which is in complete contrast to the rest of the country. We may also encounter minority Nomadic tribes such as the Turkmen.

There will be an opportunity to see the fabulous crown jewels and the peacock throne looted from Delhi by the Persian invader Nadir Shah.

This colourful and little visited country will totally amaze you, and the attitude of the people who have been starved of foreign contact is hospitable and friendly.


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